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Fight The Dragon – Kickstarter launched!

We are super excited to announce that we have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fight The Dragon – our latest game in development at 3 Sprockets. Fight The Dragon is a 3D Mini Action-RPG (MARPG) in which players journey on short form adventures, hacking and slashing their way through hordes of enemies in search of […]

Developer interview about Cubemen 2

We just did a cool developer interview with @NintenDaan and @_Nnooo about 3 Sprockets, Cubemen 2, Wii-U and we also discussed some of the cool new stuff coming in our next Cubemen 2 MEGA 1.2 update. You can listen to the interview here: I should note that there are also other cool dev interviews […]

Cubemen 2 Steam launch a huge success!

We finally made it and launched Cubemen 2 on Steam, and the launch week was a huge success for us. Cubemen 2 out sold Cubemen 1 for the same launch period and the user feedback has been AMAZING. We have also had some awesome levels created from the Community, over 600 so far! We also […]

Last day before Steam launch…

This is it folks. Less than 24 hours until Steam launch of Cubemen 2 on Windows, OSX and Linux. Doing some final tweaks… prob shouldn’t be, but that’s part of the fun of being Indie 🙂 Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook (links at top right) and wish us luck for launch. We’ll see […]

So close to Steam launch, we can smell it!

With only a handfull of days to go before we finally launch Cubemen 2 on Steam, panic and stress starts to set in as it becomes a mad rush to fix final bugs, prepare marketing material and press release information, get the website finished and somewhere in all of that, remember to eat and breathe. It’s […]

So it begins… The countdown to launch… April 8th !

We have decided to publicly announce our Steam launch date… April 8th, 2013. That’s right, just over 3 weeks to go and Cubemen 2 will be launching on Steam. Right now we plan on launching with Windows, OSX and Linux support, but there is a slight chance that Linux will be a few weeks late as we […]