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When we started making Cubemen, in what seems like a lifetime ago, we had no idea
what it would evolve into, how popular it would become or how much of a fan base it would attract.

With big fan bases come lots of opinions and feedback and we have collected ALL of this… the good and the bad, and added/altered Cubemen where it made sense, but quickly came to the realisation that we had taken it as far as we possibly could without a complete redo.

So about six months ago we started from scratch on Cubemen 2. A complete re-design from the ground up, with almost zero reuse of the original Cubemen codebase and structure.

Our key goals were simple:-

  • Build a new framework that was fully and easily extendable for new game modes, both single player and multiplayer.
  • Ship a level editor from day one that was feature rich, robust and allowed a structure that any game mode could be played on any level.
  • Take the visuals further, but not so far as to impact on the simplicity of the game that has come to be one of CM1’s key selling points.
  • Incorporate everything that was good about CM1 and solve/re-invent everything that was bad about CM1, taking on our own internal list of gripes as well as all of the feedback we collected from the fan base.
  • Enable the ability to continue generating income post the initial sale to ensure we can continue adding new free features for a long time.

So that’s what we did. We stuck to our key goals and believe we have achieved and surpassed even our largest expectations.

We are super excited about players getting their hands on Cubemen 2 and witnessing what amazing levels they create with our wicked new level editor, and of course receiving feedback about the game, the good and the bad 🙂

Seon Rozenblum
Director, 3 Sprockets.