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Welcome to the Cubemen2 support and contact page. Please check our FAQ to the right for answers to any questions you may have before posting support requests. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please fill in our support form below, including all of the fields and we will get back to you very quickly.


Cubemen 2 Can’t see my Steam Client

Cubemen 2 requires your Steam client to at least be loaded, preferably logged in. If you are sure you have it open, online and logged in, but your Cubemen 2 still says it cannot find the Steam client, please contact us using this form.

The gameplay seems laggy

Though we have spent a lot of time optimising Cubemen 2 to run on the lowest spec hardware possible, we cannot always guarantee your machine will be fast enough to run Cubemen 2 at optimal settings.

Try dropping your resolution, or dropping the quality settings. Both of these options are in the settings screen on the main menu.

I am playing Cubemen 2 with a friend and we cannot see each others network games

All network games in Cubemen 2 are locked to the version number of the game. This is to ensure that players with different versions never connect and break the game due to network code differences.

If you are sure all players are using the same Cubemen 2 version, please contact us using this form.

I published a level and now I can’t edit it

That is by design. Once a level is public, we lock changes to prevent players getting out of sync versions in network games. Please ensure your level is right before you publish.

I purchased a theme or skin, but I don’t have access to it

If you believe you have purchased an in-game item and didn’t get it, please send us the receipt and we will activate it for you.

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