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Cubemen 2 Steam launch a huge success!

We finally made it and launched Cubemen 2 on Steam, and the launch week was a huge success for us.

Cubemen 2 out sold Cubemen 1 for the same launch period and the user feedback has been AMAZING. We have also had some awesome levels created from the Community, over 600 so far!

We also pushed out 3 updates in the last week, including bug fixes, tweaks and new features based on customer feedback, like the ability to choose your Cubemen colours for single player game modes.

So now that Steam is out of the way, we are hard at work finishing off our iOS and Mac App Store versions and hope to have them ready for submission very soon.

We are also working on new content including:

  • A second defense campaign
  • More skins and themes
  • In-game Chat for the MP game lobbies
  • More MP team options like 2v4 and 1v5
  • and lots more….

We look forward to getting these new features out to you and are super excited to have new iOS and MAS players coming on board soon.

That’s it for now… happy Cubemen-ing 🙂