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So it begins… The countdown to launch… April 8th !

We have decided to publicly announce our Steam launch date… April 8th, 2013. That’s right, just over 3 weeks to go and Cubemen 2 will be launching on Steam.

Right now we plan on launching with Windows, OSX and Linux support, but there is a slight chance that Linux will be a few weeks late as we have some un-resolved engine issues that we are waiting on fixes for, and the reality is, they may just not make it in time.

Cubemen 2 will also be launching on iOS and the Mac App Store, but we have no set a release date yet, nor are we ready to release info on what iOS devices we will be supporting, but when we are ready to spill them beans, we won’t be quiet about it 🙂

The beta testing is going well, and the bug list is shrinking every day. We are pretty confident launch will go by without any major hiccups, but you never know with a multi-player game like Cubemen 2.

Today, even though we have not launched yet, we added the User Level Gallery to the site showcasing some of the levels that have been created by us and beta testers. This page is dynamic and shows the latest levels being added as users make them and publish them.

Cubemen 2 will launch with our Uber level editor, allowing users to immediately create and share levels with other users. We have also made level creation an offline process, so you can make and play levels without connecting to our servers, and only need to access servers to publish and share levels.

We have also made finding levels in Cubemen 2 a pretty awesome experience, with prebuilt galleries that show you the latest levels added, the most popular levels and a buch of random levels. If that isn’t enough, we have also added Search ability to find levels by author name and level name.